The Latest Additions to my Credit Resources Vault

New HYH Premium Resources Focused on Credit Recruiting

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This will be a brief note about HYH Premium and we’ll get back to long-form content next week. I have a couple of credit interview pieces I’m setting up that I’m excited to share over the next month or so 👀 

beehiv, my newsletter ISP, recently announced the ability to add additional paid tiers, which 1) allows me to add a “Founding Member” styled, higher tier (similar to what a lot of substack writers have) for those who feel so inclined, and 2) that allows me to run a 20% promotion off of annual plans from now until May 3rd, 2024.

ICYMI, I’ve written 3 HYH Premium pieces this month, which I’ll highlight below.

So What is HYH Premium?

As you know, I started this newsletter to talk Credit, but primarily to talk about what you need to do to get a job in Private Credit or Public Credit.

From a Non-Target, unconnected background, trying to figure out how to get to NYC and how to get a well paying investments job was initially daunting.

Through a lot of hard work and trial and error it all worked out, but given the lack of online credit resources it wasn’t quite like trying to recruit for IB or PE. There’s a billion banking and first year private equity associate resources, but credit is significantly lacking resources despite the fact that credit is becoming a more compelling career path and a highly topical asset class. This is a problem I’ve spent the last year trying to solve.

Over the past year or so I’ve been able to write about everything from 1) networking 2) what the typical deal in credit looks like 3) what the typical investment memo in credit looks like 4) the firms in credit, and much more.

I’ve packaged it all together below into pieces that are a must have when recruiting for credit seats.

This is the first leg of adding resources for buyside professionals - and starting with breaking into credit investing was the most sensical place to start.

Here’s an outline of the pieces I’ve written:

The HYH Premium Resource Vault

Credit Resources:

City Resources: If you’re looking to move to any of these cities, I’ve included detailed lists of funds in each of the following cities/states:

Resources for Early Career Professionals & those breaking into Finance:

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Stay tuned for my latest piece next week.

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