Dallas, Texas

The Finance Jobs You Can Find in Texas - Starting with Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas! In this jam packed two part Newsletter I’m going to list out the funds and corporations in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. This first part will include 140+ firms in Dallas, Texas. The second part covering Austin and Houston is live here.

This Part II of my City Guides, following my first on Miami here.

Here’s the key thing about Texas though - Texas is a Business Hub, not necessarily a Tech or Finance Hub

However, the state is experiencing significant growth, with tailwinds from business friendly policies, warmer weather, and new housing/rental supply.

If you believe NYC, California, and Chicago will get more expensive, have higher taxes, and struggle to effectively address budget issues over a 5 year, 10 year, or 30 year timeline then Texas will be one of the share gainers.

What types of roles are in Texas? Well, a lot of them are going to be focused on the energy industry, but within Dallas and Austin, there’s a decent amount of opportunity for investing professionals.

You know, maybe I’m actually too hard on Texas. Because technically now, per Bloomberg, Dallas has the 2nd most Finance jobs in the U.S. with 380k workers - although it’s a far cry from NYC’s 809k. Plus, a lot of the Dallas jobs are “middle office” and “back office” oriented - but in this list I am including a bunch of buy side shops. Note, Dallas jumped over Chicago’s 323k for the #2 spot, and is well above Miami’s 221k finance professionals.

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